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Version 1.2 released!

French support and a minimal jpeg-in-your-rtf handling (limited to 1 jpeg image in the unregistered version): now you can create e-books that contain images (if they're put in the rtf file as jpegs)

Version 1.1 released!


Now - using the same exact time you need to create your e-book in e-paperback (exe or epb) format you can also get it in epub (open e-book format)!
Version 1.1 has also an updated e-paperback reader engine with a better scaling handling when using wide screen monitors.

Instant EBuilder is a shareware program to create e-books in e-paperback format in just few minutes. And it's really easy. Easy as to follow this three simple steps:

Fill your e-book information

2) Add your artwork and your RTF files (with page breaks if you want separated chapters) for text and author biography...

3) Select which output formats you want for your e-book (EXE and/or EPB)

And then simply click on Build and here you are!


Do you want to know more about the e-paperback format, before trying Instant EBuilder? No problem at all - every e-book freely downloadable from this site is also released in this format. Have a look around - and you can find more than one hundred titles - some of them even in english language.
Note: you can experience epb format even thru java applet from almost every e-book page.

Instant EBuilder has not a time limit, but in the unregistered version some features are reduced, compared to the registered one.
Differences are that unregistered version does not allow section bigger than 16 kb and you can't have more than 3 sections. And you will find, inside the text, notes about the fact that you've used an unregistered software to create your e-paperback.
Anyway, e-paperbacks created by this program are royalty free - even those created by unregistered version (see note below).


Click here to download for free the shareware version of Instant EBuilder (725 kb). The program has an install/uninstall setup - and the package contains even the free PC epaperback reader.


Click here to register this software (25$) thru PayPal:

(once you register you'll get a registration key to use to unlock the software)

What Instant EBuilder is, and what is NOT

Instant EBuilder is a front end to an engine that generates e-paperback files (in EXE or in EPB format) - but remember that e-paperbacks and Instant EBuilder are NOT in anyway the same thing:
- e-paperbacks are a specific e-book format, created by Marco Giorgini for
KULT Virtual Press. They have got qualities and limits (at present they don't handle TABLES and a some other specific RTF features). They got free readers, and one free builder, called EBuild Light.
- THIS program, instead, is simply a new (and a lot easier and quicker) software to generate them. This software could not deal with all the features of e-paperback - but it avoids a lot of work for the common user. Try it deeply - and before thinking about registering it - check if it can do what you're looking for.

License Notes about Instant EBuilder

 Nobody could sell this program, without the written agreement of the author (Marco Giorgini)
 This program is distributed AS IS, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Try it, use it. If you don't think it fits your requests delete it. We are not here to tell you that this program will do what you want. Test it as long as you're sure it's what you were looking for, it this is the case.
 If you think this program is worthy, remember that's a shareware product. So - only in that case - registration is required. Registering it you will receive a key to unlock this software limits but NOT another software. If you find his software ''buggy'', or if it lacks of some fundamental feature you need,  do not hope it will be better registering.
 Registration entitles you for free updates, if any, till 2008. And you will be included, at request, in the ''updates and news'' distribution list.

License Notes about e-paperbacks

e-paperbacks created using Instant EBuilder are royalty free, and the person who made them could distribute them for free or ask money for them. This person (the author of the e-paperback) is the only responsible for their contents. The author of Instant EBuilder and of e-paperback engine doesn't allow anyone to publish or distribute illegal contents using any of those two software.

The e-paperback engine (exe) used by this program is a FREE software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
That program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

KULT Virtual Press e KULT Underground sono iniziative amatoriali no-profit - per gli e-book e per gli articoli fare riferimento alla sezione Copyright
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